Our Philosophy

We appreciate the time and effort that has been invested by public servants to manage and maintain our nation’s aging and complicated infrastructure investment.

We understand that the demands of this effort may require specialized assistance from a well qualified vendor with extensive, and proven, experience and automated systems needed to deliver specialized services in the most efficient and expedient way.

Lambda Tech is committed to work closely with our clients to help identify the special services required to help manage and maintain their infrastructure investment. After identifying the need we work to meet that need providing high quality deliverables, in a timely and cost effective approach that conforms to all services specified. In addition the Lambda Tech Team is unique in our ability to offer our clients a number of ways to leverage our deliverables in order to provide a greater return on investment.

Why We Are Qualified to Help You:

1. Industry Leaders:

Lambda Tech is an industry leader developing systems for the increasing demand of technology, such as higher accuracy, faster capture rates, higher pixel count, improved image quality, pre-processing of image adjustments prior to capture, and multiple sensor integration such as point lasers, line lasers, inertial systems, etc. Although these system developments happen quickly with advancing technology trends - they can take years to perfect without the expertise and experience that Lambda Tech possesses. With ever accelerating hardware and software upgrades - others may never catch up. The Lambda Tech Team systems and software are among the best in their class.

2. Equivalent Local and National Experience to your agency or company:

The Lambda Tech Team members have performed work, as both prime and/or sub-consultants, on hundreds of thousands of equivalent miles of surveys, data analysis, and integration for hundreds of satisfied clients across the country including small, medium and large cities; small, medium and large counties; and small, medium and large states. Lambda Tech has provided consulting services and technology to a wide range of quasi-government and private sector companies including large utilities, railroads, and large multi-national companies with property spread out all over the country.

Our teams’ experience and familiarity with various industry standards, procedures, specifications and systems for numerous types of agencies and companies means that the Lambda Tech Team has built-in understanding and experience and is ready to deliver the required service on time and on budget with fewer possibilities of problems than less experienced consultants or less tested systems can provide.

3. Stereo Pair Camera Data Collection

One of the great features of our process is data collected through stereo pair camera configurations. While building, operating and maintaining stereo pair systems (which require twice the equipment) is more expensive than non-stereo systems, stereo pair images offer many intrinsic benefits for our clients. In addition to the proven accuracies and ease of data extraction, the two identical but offset camera views provide a 3D perspective and further 3D manipulation of the data for improved virtual viewing and re-projection of the data to views other than the images originally captured by the camera. This is especially important for cities such as those with a large amount of truck and commuter traffic and/or heavy foliage that can block the best views of certain infrastructure (such as signage) that could be picked up from the slightly offset view. In addition to the additional 3D perspective of stereo pairs, our technology literally allows the removal of moving cars and shrinking parked/stopped cars to see under and around these obstacles through our optional re-projected imagery, which is again - a must in heavy traffic areas or times of day. While still important for signs, it becomes extremely important for inventorying the easily hidden items such as pavement markings, sidewalks, catch basins, etc.

4. High Resolution Imagery AND Closer Spacing of that Imagery.

The digital images from our cameras can be combined (stitched) to produce panoramic views of the roadway for a more realistic driving experience. While some competitors can collect this high resolution imagery, it usually comes at the cost of image spacing that is sometimes as far apart as tens of meters or more than 50 feet. Since Lambda Tech systems can process images at a very rapid rate, these panoramic images can captured as close as a few meters at posted speeds.

5. Base Line Image Quality Standards Established from the Client’s Perspective

The Lambda Tech Team provides a comprehensive imagery data collection procedure with reviews by our clients to develop a baseline quality value to accept or reject imagery. Our Team tries to match each unique characteristic of our client locations to the best imaging processes. The Lambda Tech system is at the forefront of automated image processing include auto shutter, gain, white balance and multiple pre-sampling of the next image prior to capture of final imagery as standard functions on the GPSVision™ system - to best match the unique conditions to the technology capabilities.

6. Understanding the Nuances of Imaging in Various Locations

With the technology in general use these days, the majority of imagery is high quality on the first run. However, even the best of technology at times can be overwhelmed by certain conditions that prevent capturing images usable to the full extent required of the survey project. The Lambda Tech Team has seen it all: tough terrain, topography, poor air quality (including haze from wild fires and smog), sap-filled trees and overgrown vegetation, seasonal poor sun angles, majestic multiple switchback producing mountain roads (rapidly changing sun angles), beautiful yet GPS blocking and sun peephole producing tall buildings, etc. These aspects of a project require a significant learning curve, exceptional technical capabilities, and commitment to provide the right equipment, process and procedures for producing quality deliverables. The Lambda Tech Team won’t be experiencing “lessons learned” during your project. Lambda Tech utilizes our defined and proven procedure mentioned previously to drive any routes that require recollection under more appropriate conditions. Our Team goes the extra “survey” mile to adjust technology, imagining configurations, routes and schedules as part of the quality deliverable process.

7. Leverage Deliverables:

Lambda Tech systems offer multiple uses of the deliverables and considerable cost savings for planned projects. This benefits our clients in multiple specific ways.

1. Enhanced integration to support multiple departments (traffic, pavement, planning, fire protection, power, water, assessor, etc.) in a single pass.

2. Flexibility in survey scope and frequency. Our Team offers multiple options for periodic imaging of the system and options in maintenance/upkeep. For example, the survey could include the entire network at one time performed every four years or partial surveys each year (one quarter of the network each year).

For example, the survey could include the entire network at one time performed every four years or partial surveys each year (one quarter of the network each year).

3. The long term management system can be enhanced by integrating the GPSVision™ images that are derived from the original images taken by each camera. For example, overhead strip-mapping can be derived from the images taken for a right of way survey.

4. To improve how data and maintenance work flows and schedules are generated, managed, and completed, our Team has developed technology partnerships with several infrastructure management systems providers. These relationships and integration protocols (developed through such working relationships or by our many integration projects with systems in current use by our clients) provide image, location and attribute data that can easily be integrated into any management, mapping or GIS system in use by the client.

5. This once collected multiple use scenario will reduce the cost for both management programs while providing improved data quality and repeatability.

8. Easy to Use and Efficient Feature Extraction Software

Our system software has provided our staff and numerous clients with easy to use feature extraction and data integration. Lambda Tech does not develop safely within the “Ivory Tower.” Lambda Tech works with the real experts, experienced public servants and property management professionals like you, actually doing the work in managing and maintaining this infrastructure to enhance our systems for easier internal and external uses. The Lambda Tech Team provides enhancements to the software as well as web based refresher training and orientation to new enhancements.

9. Team Cohesion/Familiarity:

An important issue to tackle with any digital imaging, data collection and integration project is familiarity of staff with the project. The Lambda Tech Team has past experience working together on similar projects with similar agencies/company environments as yours.


We truly appreciate the opportunity to work with our clients. Your trust in the Lambda Tech Team to perform the required services, provide the deliverables and to quickly solve any problems that may develop as part of these types of projects is appreciated. Utilizing our Best in Class right of way imaging, data collection, processing systems and superior client services, we will work very hard to validate your trust in us. We look forward to continuing and/or building our relationship with you.