Telecom - Trans-Canada railroad right-of-way base mapping for fiber optic long haul build on Canadian Pacific and Canadian National routes from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Vancouver and Fort Rupert, BC, including alternate routes. - 7000 miles

Metra - Right of way mapping for all Metra passenger rail system routes surrounding Chicago, IL - 600 miles

Rhode Island DOT - Stereo imagery used for assessment and inventory of road furniture on state maintained roads. - 2400 miles

Virginia DOT - Centerlining of state maintained roads using GPSVision stereo imagery - 41,958 miles

Maricopa County, AZ - Stereo imagery used for sign inventory and tort liability mitigation - 10,000 miles

lark County, NV - Stereo imagery used for location of bus stops and attribute tagging of federally classified roads - 3600 miles

Telecom - Right of way base mapping state roads for fiber cable engineering - 150 miles

Florida Power & Light - Right of way base mapping, power pole location and inventory - 150 miles

GADOT - Lambda Tech provided our GPSVision Railway Services to the Georgia DOT - for more photos and information

Fort Wayne, IN - Stereo imagery used for sign inventory and pavement condition for the city of Fort Wayne. - 900 miles

Berkeley, CA - The stereo images were originally contracted for routting of fire trucks on city streets, but images are also being utilized for sign inventory and pavement markings. - 600 miles

Riverside, CA - The 1800 bi-directional images are being utilize for a pavement condition survey for the city of Riverside. - 900 miles