Georgia Department of Transportation

Lambda Tech provided our GPSVision Railway Services to GADOT.

We began our Video Log Project along nearly 500 miles of GDOT owned railroad. The specially designed Hi-Rail vehicle takes digital photos of the track and right of way property. The photos are taken approximately every 10 meters along the line while continuously moving. The images will greatly benefit GDOT by being able to examine a particular section of track without leaving the office. It will also offer proof against future [illegal] property encroachments that can and will arise. The project in general will help bring our state owned railroads into the 21st century information age.

ABOVE: The Hi-Rail Vehicle used. The Suburban was outfitted with new Hi-Rail Hydraulics to ride on the rails. The photo equipment consisted of 5 working cameras to capture the digital shots of the railroad track structure and right-of-way property. Also, the vehicle was equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) to pinpoint and map the exact location of the railroad lines to improve our mapping capacities and various GIS (Geographic Information Systems) products.

ABOVE: Traveling West through the Brushy Mountain Tunnel on the GDOT owned "Silver Comet Trail" near the town of Rockmart, GA .

ABOVE: Bridge on the Chattooga & Chickamauga Railway (CCKY) near the Chickamauga Battlefield Park. RIGHT: Brad Bultemeier (Video-Log Team) setting up the truck in the morning at the CCKY depot in LaFayette, GA with CCKY GM Harold Holiman checking out the equipment.

ABOVE: The team luckily discovered a newly broken rail on Georgia Southwestern near Edison, GA. The "Lynn Turn" (local freight train) was due northbound in a few hours and would have derailed if it had gone over this. The rail was repaired just in time for the approaching freight train to pass safely. RIGHT: Team happens upon an example of an illegal encroachment. A hunter's deer stand was found on the railroad right-of-way. The owner will attempted to be contacted, but if unsuccesful the railroad will remove the structure.