Lambda Tech International (Lambda Tech) is an innovative company.

We specialize in transportation related right of way data collection and data integration with staff mobile mapping experience dating back to 1994 and earlier research work.

We work with our clients as partners and listen to their respective domain expertise and constructive criticism to continually enhance our world leading data collection systems. Based on this feedback from our client partners Lambda Tech has continually improved the GPSVision system and offers a completely redesigned system to more effectively and efficiently gather quality information.

The new GPSVisionTM system is thoroughly validated technology providing high quality imaging and data even in some of the toughest imaging conditions such as densely vegetated mountains and valleys, the low sun angles during early spring and late fall surveys, highly urban areas and the on again off again heavy tree cover.

Lambda Tech’s new GPSVisionTM system boast new hardware, software, laser and camera technology to produce improved quality in a wider range of imaging and sensing conditions. We created a modular platform to easily add in additional integrated data collection systems using gyroscopes, accelerometers, GPS, inertial measurement unit, ultrasonic sensors, longitudinal gyroscopes, point lasers and line lasers designed to provide highly accurate measurement.

We supply our clients with the right type and quality of information needed to make the multiple decisions required to manage a large and diverse right of way network. Lambda Tech works hard to deliver images, data and systems that meet or exceed the requirements of our clients. Lambda Tech has utilized our proven technology on hundreds of thousands of equivalent miles of freeways, highways, roadways, pathways, parking lots, airfields, railways and similar infrastructure enhancing our clients’ management capabilities and saving them money in data collection costs and system maintenance.